Dentists sign up to charter

ALMOST half of Derbyshire NHS County’s dentists are now championing a national scheme proving their commitment to patient care.

Thirty-eight of NHS Derbyshire County’s 90 dentists have registered with the British Dental Association’s ‘Good Practice’ initiative, where they sign up to a ten-point charter and undertake rigorous self-assessment.

Under the charter, dental teams must demonstrate they can make dental treatment as comfortable and convenient as possible, review training plans once a year, and follow current guidelines on infection control.

Keith Mann, head of primary care contracts for NHS Derbyshire County, said: “Patients want to get the best NHS dental care and treatment possible, so we’re delighted that so many of our teams have achieved this quality benchmark.”

NHS Derbyshire County will continue to support other dental teams in the area to sign up to the scheme, with a round of letters inviting them to work towards the national standard planned in the coming months.

• A CAMPAIGN to cut smoking in homes and cars in Derbyshire is gathering pace with a training programme now well under way.

The countywide effort has been launched amid growing concern over the damage caused to health – especially among children and expectant mothers – by “second-hand” smoke. The campaign will be launched later in the year.