Dentists sign up to care scheme

DERBYSHIRE DENTISTS are marking National Smile Month with the news they are now successfully signed up to the national Care Quality Commission scheme.

All 126 of NHS Derbyshire’s dental practices are now signed up with the system, which will see dental patients benefit from monitoring and inspection from the national health care regulator.

Under the scheme dentists are required to meet a series of essential standards in quality and safety covering five areas. These include ‘involvement and information’, ‘personalised care, treatment and support’, ‘safeguarding and safety’, ‘suitability of staffing’ and ‘quality and management’.

Patients also continue to benefit from NHS Derbyshire County’s dedicated dental helpline, which provides advice and support to patients about dental access.

Keith Mann, Head of Primary Care Contracts for NHS Derbyshire County, said: “We’re delighted that dentists across Derbyshire are continuing to improve care for patients.

“Thousands of people strive to look after their bodies by keeping fit and well, yet we have a different attitude to our teeth.

“Teeth are key factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so there’s every reason to look after them – and losing or damaging them can have an enormous influence on your health as well as your confidence.”

NHS Derbyshire County’s dental helpline can be accessed on 0800 783 7279.

National Smile Month runs until Wednesday, June 15.

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