County chosen for NHS pilot scheme

NHS DERBYSHIRE County has been chosen to pilot a national scheme to make sure people receive better health care.

The trust are piloting a Care Quality Commission (CQC) scheme aiming to ensure patients get better health care through regulation and monitoring.

Twenty one practices across the county have trialled a system to be introduced by the CQC from next April, requiring all GP practices to meet essential standards of quality and safety.

The scheme, which has already been rolled out to hospitals and dentists, will see GPs having to meet a set of national standards stipulated by the CQC and covering five broad categories which will involve things such as the handling of complaints, consent and infection control.

Jayne Stringfellow, assistant clinical director for NHS Derbyshire County, said: “By their very nature, GP surgeries have very different needs from other NHS clinical settings so this is a great opportunity for us to work with our practices and share our expertise to make sure the process supports them and their patients.

“We’re really proud to be leading this pilot and it’s a tremendous testament to the resourcefulness of our staff who worked very hard with dental practices previously to make sure Derbyshire county dentists fully understood the criteria, what the registration process means, and the tough demands of embedding the CQC process into systems to make certain that national standards are met on a continuous basis.”

NHS Derbyshire County are working with the Local Medical Committee to make sure that all Derbyshire practices can learn from the pilot as well as linking with other bodies to share the learning nationally.