Ambulance service misses out on £19m in contracts

THE REGION’S ambulance service has missed out on the chance to upgrade their fleet after losing out on contracts worth more than £19 million a year.

East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) have failed to win contracts to provide Patient Transport Services for patients who need non-emergency transport.

EMAS Chief Executive Phil Milligan said: “We have been told we have not been awarded any contracts even though we currently provide this service across all five counties in the East Midlands. We also understand that the new providers will be from the private sector.

“Earlier this year we were successful in securing a tender for providing Patient Transport Services in North and North East Lincolnshire so we can demonstrate that we can provide a high quality and value-for-money service.

“The annual value of our current contract is £19.8m. If bids had been successful, we had plans to completely replace our existing fleet with brand new, eco-friendly vehicles and we expected to have these available by the time the new tenders were to start.

“Our focus now is on the welfare of our staff as we share this news and we will be working hard to analyse the impact on them and the organisation as a whole.

“We are fully committed to providing the best possible care for the patients we serve during the transfer of responsibilities to the new providers, which we understand will happen in early 2012.

“We are also very disappointed that the Primary Care Trusts who commission (pay for) this service have taken this decision.”