Hayfield painter revolutionising art with new technique

Watercolourist Steve Wise
Watercolourist Steve Wise

An international artist finds peace when he paints and is a way for him to communicate with the world.

Steve Wise, from Hayfield, has fought off competition from thousands of others around the world in the Chinese Shen Zhen international watercolour biannual competition.

Watercolourist Steve Wise works standing up at an easel over his kitchen sink

Watercolourist Steve Wise works standing up at an easel over his kitchen sink

The 65-year-old said: “I think I am the only artist from my art group - the Birmingham Watercolour Society- to be entered into this competition so it feels really good to know my work is being seen by critics from all over.”

Steve was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was at school but painting is his release and, even though he failed to get into art school after struggling with the English test, he kept at his passion.

“When you love something you don’t just stop because someone tells you no.”

His paintings, which he describes as sophisticated doodles, were only done in black and white up until 1997 when he was asked by other artists why he did not work in colour.

Steve, who is married, said that he began to look at colour in a more interesting way.

He said: “I experimented and I like using the Batik techniques of adding a layer of wax then colour then taking the wax off and applying it to a different area.”

Steve dedicates a lot of time and effort to his paintings and says his use of paint is changing the face of watercolour.

“Many of the iconic artists such as Van Gogh, and Monet pushed the boundaries of what is considered acceptable when it comes to art and I am just providing people with a different view point on paint once again.”

Steve, who lives on Wood Lane said: “When you are a child and you paint a picture it is spontaneous and because you want to draw.

“I think adults have lose that creative streak as they get older but I still approach all my paintings like that.”

He has even sent a selection of some of his religious works to the Vatican City for the Pope and received a letter back thanking him and saying that he would in the Pope’s prayers.

He added: “Art has been there for me for many years and it is great that I starting to get some recognition.”