Have your say on street lights

Residents are being encouraged to have their say about plans to switch off 40,000 of the county’s 89,000 street lights between midnight and 5.30am.

Derbyshire County Council’s proposals, which would see 900 lights permanently switched off, are to help cut carbon and save money.

Councillor Simon Spencer, DCC’s cabinet member for highways and transport said: “There are environmental benefits to using less electricity. Cutting carbon means reducing the effects of global warming – and there are financial benefits too.

“Derbyshire County Council needs to save £90m over the next four years and with energy prices set to rise again by up to 18 per cent this month we need to look at ways of doing things differently.

“We won’t switch off all street lights but as most people are in bed between midnight and 5.30am you could argue that some lighting isn’t needed.”

Lights would NOT be turned off in various locations including some main traffic routes, town centres, locations with a significant night-time traffic accident record and areas identified as having an above average record of crime.

Anyone wanting to comment can do so at www.derbyshire.gov.uk/partnightlighting or by completing a questionnaire available from libraries and borough council offices. The closing date is December 6.

A decision is expected in January and will be based on a report which will take any comments received during the consultation into consideration.

If approved, the scheme would be rolled out across the county on an area by area basis over a four year period and residents would be able to comment about the particular plans for their area.