Happy 100th birthday, Bessie!

Bessie Bentley on her 100th birthday
Bessie Bentley on her 100th birthday

BESSIE Bentley reached the grand old age of 100 on Monday.

Mrs Bentley, who lives in Queen’s Court, Fairfield, marked the special occasion with a “lovely” family party at the weekend. Born in Peak Dale, she moved to Buxton with her husband, John, after they married in 1935.

Mrs Bentley started working at Litton Mill at the age of 14 and went on to be a home help.

She brought up two sons, Mick and Peter, and has four grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Mrs Bentley said: “I’ve got an absolutely wonderful family around me.”

Over the years, the centenarian loved nothing more than reading and a game of whist.

Giving the secret to a long and happy life, Mrs Bentley said: “It’s got to be hard work.

“I was brought up with my grandmother who was a firm believer in hard work – it’s certainly not done me any harm.”