Guarding our war memorials

A NEW committee has been set up to conserve and protect Derbyshire’s war memorials.

The Derbyshire City and County War Memorials Committee, which is made up of representatives from Derbyshire County Council, Derby City Council, the Royal British Legion and the National Inventory of War Memorials, has been set up to look at a number of issues aimed at protecting and preserving Derbyshire’s war memorials.

One of the committee’s first tasks is to prevent metal plaques detailing the names of the dead being stolen from memorials.

There have already been some thefts from memorials so the committee, which is chaired by Cllr Philip Hickson, leader of Derby City Council, is urging organisations with memorials in their care to step up security, including using SmartWater, which invisibly marks valuable items..

Some memorials have already been treated with SmartWater, which is available free to organisations using it to protect their memorials, but the committee are aiming to ensure that all council-owned monuments are treated over the next few months.