Green light for the green way

Councillors in Whaley Bridge have given their support to plans for the Shallcross Incline to become a ‘green way’.

However following representations from residents they have asked Derbyshire County Council to take into account the concerns raised about the proposed route for pedestrians between Shallcross Mill Road and Shallcross Road.

Resident Andrew Fox, said: “I read the design and access statement and there was no mention of crime prevention measures.”

He said the plan should have been drawn up under the Secure by Design criteria and questioned the loss of amenity and privacy for residents whose gardens back onto the incline.

Cllr Jon Goldfinch said: “This has been a long time aspiration of Whaley Bridge Town Council to move this greenway forward.

“I understand where Mr Fox is coming from but I believe it will benefit the wider population and visitors to Whaley Bridge.”

Members support the plan but asked Derbyshire County Council to take on board the comments made.

• Cotton Close residents are objecting to plans for a new house to be built.

Resident David Lees, said if the plan was approved there would be six windows facing directly onto this home.

Concerns were also expressed about parking and the loss of amenity to existing residents.

Cllr David Lomax said: “It is nice to have a bit of green space there. I suspect it would be very oppressive to have another house there.”

Councillors objecting to the plans said they would be an overdevelopment of the site and impact on residents amenity.