Golden Retriever puppy saved by Mountain Rescue Team

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The Buxton Mountain Rescue Team along with cave rescue saved a dog at Eldon Quarry.

When team members arrived on site information was passed that a four-month-old Golden Retriever puppy had strayed from the path on Eldon Hill and fell through the snow into a 20ft deep collapsed lead mine.

Team members setup a rope system to lower a Derbyshire cave rescue volunteer down the mine shaft.

A spokesman said: “The puppy was bribed with dog treats to get in to a rope bag, she was then hauled to the surface and back into the day light.

“After much fussing by team members the puppy was rewarded with yet more treats, a towel dry and plenty of fuss, she walked away seemingly unharmed for a check up.

“The team then remembered that the team member we sent underground probably wanted hauling out of the mine also.”