Get your blood pressure checked

Rotarians are encouraging people to know their blood pressure in a bid to prevent strokes.

Two events will be held in Buxton by the Rotary Club in association with the Stroke Association this year to offer free blood pressure measurements to residents and visitors to Buxton.

Health professionals from in and around Buxton will be available.

Dr John Harry, organiser for the Buxton Rotary Club, said: “It will take only a few minutes of your time, it is simple and painless, when it is convenient to you and could prove to be very beneficial to your future health and might even ultimately save that stroke.

“Please come again if you were measured in previous years to be sure that your pressure has not changed”

High blood pressure is a main cause of strokes but it can have no symptoms.

Sixteen million people in the UK have high blood pressure yet many of them don’t know it. For every ten people who might suffer a stroke, four might have been saved if they had had regular measurements of their blood pressures and, if found to be raised, followed medical advice and treatment.