GENERAL ELECTION RESULTS: High Peak votes in Labour MP

High Peak count,
High Peak count,

Ruth George is the new High Peak Labour MP after gaining 2,300 more votes than Conservative candidate Andrew Bingham.

The new MP, from Whaley Bridge, won with 26,753 votes. Andrew Bingham got 24,431 and Liberal Democrat candidate Charles Lawley got 2,669 votes.

Mrs George said: “This is an amazing result and I can’t quite believe it. I am so pleased that the voters have taken me into their hearts as they voted for change.

“I am a person who has lived in the High Peak for 25 years and have a family here and I think people have put their trust in me because they want me to represent their views in Parliament.”
Mr Bingham had held the seat since the 2010 election but could not beat the 14.4 per cent increase from the Labour voters.

He said: “It has been an honour and a privilege to serve in the High Peak and as much as I had hoped to retain my seat, sadly this wasn’t the case.

“Through this campaign there has been an attempt to smear my name by other parties which is sad and is the kind of politics I don’t want to be involved with.”

Of an electorate of 72,178 in the High Peak 54,018 people voted, making it a turnout of 73.75 per cent with 160 spoilt ballot papers.

Mrs George gained 47.7 per cent of the votes cast and although she has never stood as a candidate before she said: “I may be a new candidate but I have been involved in politics for a long time - and work in Parliament as an Usdaw representative so I know how it works.

“I want to give the people of the High Peak the best possible future.”

Mr Lawley, another political newcomer, said: “I’m glad it’s over with and although a win would have been amazing it was never expected.

“Congratulations to Ruth and huge commiserations to Andrew who I have worked closely with. He is such a nice and genuine bloke.”

The election result came in around 2.45am and Mrs George said: “I will be celebrating but I need to go to sleep first and in the morning my son has a school assembly so it will be business as usual and attending that before anything else happens.

“Thank you to everyone who voted for me it really means a lot.”