GCSE results to be proud of at St Thomas More

Happy to show off thier results are Bartosz Kwec, Luis Mycock, Brandon Leech, Michael Southware.
Happy to show off thier results are Bartosz Kwec, Luis Mycock, Brandon Leech, Michael Southware.

Hard work paid off for pupils at St Thomas More School in Buxton after they celebrated some ‘phenomenal’ GCSE results.

Star student Olivia Brennan was modest in her celebrations after achieving two 8s and eight 9s.

She said: “I’ve done better than expected and I suppose my results are pretty decent.

“I walked out of my additional maths exam thinking I had failed because it was so hard, but I didn’t so I’m really pleased about that.”

Olivia will be going to Aquinas College next month to study maths, geography, physics and French.

Budding graphic designer Brandon Leech was proud of his grades. He said: “It’s what I want to do with my life so I’m very pleased I’ve done well in that.”

Headteacher Brendan Hickey said: “We have seen some phenomenal results this year despite the challenges we faced.

“The resilience of the students knows no bounds and they have been under such pressures, but I’m delighted it has all paid off for them.

“The exams are harder - getting a grade 9 required more marks than it did last -year - but we have some students who have worked hard and achieved those targets.

Cailtin MacNamara got three 8s, five 7s and six 5s and has her heart set on becoming a pilot. She will be heading to Aquinas to study maths, English language and physics.

“I know everything has changed for us this and we never did coursework so we don’t know what we are missing compared to other years, but I think everything worked out well in the end and I’m happy with what I got.”

Michael Southward got mostly 5s and says he is pleased he passed all of his core subjects. He said: “I spent my lunchtimes and any other free time revising for my maths, English and science so I’m really pleased that I’ve passed them.”

He also plans to attend Aquinas to study psychology, business law and perhaps learn Japanese.

Tessa Lee got the equivalent of an A* in her English and said she was pleased with her results.

Taking a different route into further education, Ben Hollick got a distinction star in PE and will be attending a basketball academy in Derby.

He added: “The school partners with the academy so there will still be learning, but they focus on the sport too.

“I’m going to be moving into a house with some of my new teammates so I’m excited about that and hope that in four years’ time I’ll be playing professionally.”