Game encourages pupils to travel smart

A board game has been created by Derbyshire County Council to encourage pupils to find other ways of getting to school without a car as part of the Travel Smart week.

260 primary schools have signed up to take part in the event from May 20-24.

The board game has been designed by the council with help from pupils from Long Row Primary in Belper and Ladycross in Sandiacre as part of the Travel Smart campaign which promotes sustainable journeys to school.

The week aims to encourage pupils aged five to 11-years-old to make the most of their school journey as a way to help them keep fit, beat traffic jams and pollution, as well making sure they remember to travel safely too.

Councillor Joan Dixon, Derbyshire County Council Cabinet Member for Jobs, Economy and Transport, said: “It’s fantastic that so many schools have got on board to take part in Travel Smart week this year.

“We hope parents and pupils will be encouraged to do their bit for the environment and where possible leave the car at home on their journeys to and from school.”

Each child will receive a copy of the game in which they can choose one of five characters based on how they travel to school.

The game highlights the benefits of choosing to walk, cycle, scoot, take the bus or car share to school and winning is also decided on how pupils currently travel to school.

Schools can also download the game, counters, dice and the game rules from or on their e-learning portal which provides opportunities to use features such as discussion boards, galleries and wiki pages about the Travel Smart campaign.