Gadget firm nets Darley Dale man £1.2m

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A Dales entrepreneur who launched a business from his mum’s lounge with just £100 says he is over the moon – after selling a 40 per cent stake in his company for £1.2 million.

Theo Doulou, 29, launched a gadget company in 2012 from his mum’s Darley Dale home with just a laptop and £100.

After two failed attempts, it was third time lucky for the budding businessman – who went on to launch online company, TT Gadgets.

And this week the entrepreneur has flown to China, where he will finalise selling a 40 per cent stake in his company to a Chinese firm – for the incredible sum of £1.2 million.

Theo said: “It’s all a bit of a shock, if I’m honest.

“It’s a great feeling that the business has been valued so highly, though.

“It makes it even better – especially after the first two failed attempts.”

Theo and business partner, Ian, flew to China on Wednesday to officially shake hands with bosses at Chinese firm.

“It’s all very exciting,” said Theo. “They’ve paid for the flights too, so I’m hoping it’ll be a good trip.

“The deal has been done effectively and this meeting is just to shake on it.

“But I’m a bit nervous and will be until everything is done and dusted.”

TT Gadgets sells a range of goods, including electrical gadgets, security products and research technology.

Theo said: “We’ve always had a strong Chinese market, which is why I think this firm is so keen to buy a stake in the company.”

He added: “As for the future, I’m not sure. Once this deal has gone through, I think we’ll take a look at what we want to do going forward.”

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