Fundraisers strike gold

Golden wedding, Stuart and Ann Gibbs, Buxton
Golden wedding, Stuart and Ann Gibbs, Buxton

A Buxton couple who have helped raise thousands of pounds for charity celebrated their golden wedding anniversary this week.

Ann and Stuart Gibbs, who have a son, two daughters and four grandchildren, celebrated their special day with a family meal.

They met when Stuart attended the Young Men’s Institute which was situated on West Road, above a garage owned by Ann’s family. Stuart attended Buxton College and Ann went to Cavendish Girls School. They married five years later on September 25 1961, at St Mary’s Church on Dale Road.

Before retiring Ann worked in the civil service while Stuart, a keen sportsman in his younger days, worked for the NHS.

For over 20 years the couple were part of a fundraising group who raised over £300,000 for cancer research and more recently have been helping to raise funds for the MS Society after a family member was diagnosed with the condition.