Follow in the musical footsteps of Kinder Children's Choirs 'grandchildren'

Alison and Darcey Wibberley with Emily and Starr Williamson.
Alison and Darcey Wibberley with Emily and Starr Williamson.

Kinder Choirs have had many choristers pass through their ranks since they started 27 years ago.

Now they have Kinder ‘grandchildren’ - choristers who have a parent who was a former chorister.

The latest is eight-year-old Starr Williamson, from Stoney Middleton, who is joining Darcey Wibberley, another Kinder ‘grandchild’ from Chapel-en-le-Frith.

Founder Director of the Choirs, Joyce Ellis, said: “When a child comes into the choir aged seven or eight grows up with us and stays with us until they go to university, then sends their own child to choir, it says something for the continuity, tradition and the huge feeling of family and affection which many of our choristers feel about their childhood days in Kinder Children’s Choirs.”

Emily Williamson, Starr’s mum, said: “It came as no surprise to me when Starr asked if she could join Kinder at the very same age I joined the choirs myself.

“While I did learn to sing in Kinder Childrens Choirs, a gift that brings me so much happiness, I would attribute a large amount of my employability to the skills learned in Kinder.

“I also learnt how a true dedication to the things in life that you are most passionate about comes with immense reward along with a strength to continue with my commitments even when the going gets tough. After all, the show must go on…”

Starr is looking forward to participating in her first concert with the Kinder Childrens Choirs on Saturday afternoon at The Palace Hotel.

Anyone wishing to follow in their footsteps can attend a beginners workshop on Monday March 5 at Whaley Bridge Uniting Church from at 5.45pm.