Fire service launch festive campaign

DERBYSHIRE Fire and Rescue Service is launching a campaign to remind residents to keep safe at Christmas.

The festive season sees an increase in accidental fires. The distraction of a crowded house and celebrations can often result in cooking and candles being left unattended. Decorations are often flammable and wrapping paper can act as extra fuel for a fire sparked by overheated sockets or faulty fairy lights.

Firefighters and Community Safety Officers will be out and about in Derbyshire handing out leaflets and talking to people about fire safety at various locations including Buxton Market Place on Saturday December 3.

Station Manager, Ian Redfern said: “Christmas is a time for celebrating with family and friends and we want to keep it that way. By being aware of the risks and making a few simple checks you can ensure that you and your loved ones can celebrate safely.”

Firefighters will also be asking local people if they have smoke alarms that they test regularly and have a plan of escape should there be a fire.