Fighting to save a High Peak playgroup

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One playgroup has been part of the community for nearly three decades but needs £5,000 or it will close.

Dove Holes Playgroup, based in the community centre, started 28 years ago but as the youngsters move up to school there are not enough children signed up for next term to bring in more funds.

Georgina Rumbellow, 47 from Station Road, Dove Holes, has been the manager of the group for 15 years after joining when her son - now 18 - started.

She said: “I’d be heartbroken if it really did close and I will do all I can to keep it open.”

With overheads of £20,000 per year, which includes rent, equipment and wages for two staff members, the playgroup has six months to find £5,000 ot it will close for good.

Georgina said: “We are losing our children to the school and we don’t have the numbers we need to keep it open and if close I fear the centre will be next and then the village school which would ruin the community.”

Originally the service only operated one day a week but it is now available five days a week.

A lifeline has been given to the playgroup as the community centre has said it can have six months rent free to get back on track.

“Our outgoings have gone up with wages rises and pension plans,” said Georgina. “However, the funding we receive has only gone up by pennies and with not many children signed up our funds and the playgroup are under serious threat.”
Now the group want to try and raise £5,000 in the next six months to cover the rent for a year with regular fundraisers.

She added: “It’s been such a big part of my life for so long I’d be sad if it wasn’t anymore.”

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