FEATURE: New campaign to show pride in Buxton

Buxton Opera House and the converted milk float tram which takes people on tours of the tour with Discover Buxton
Buxton Opera House and the converted milk float tram which takes people on tours of the tour with Discover Buxton

From the people tidying the streets and the parks to those campaigning for what they believe in, the people of Buxton and the High Peak are full of passion.

The Advertiser is launching a new campaign - Buxton Pride - to show that we are as proud of our town as you are.

The Pavilion Gardens Octagon and replacement marquee

The Pavilion Gardens Octagon and replacement marquee

As a newspaper in the community our pages are filled with things that matter to you; your news, your fundraisers and your achievements, and we want you to join us in the coming months by sharing your stories of what makes Buxton wonderful.

After speaking to people who play a part in the town and the community, it is clear there is a strong love and admiration for this part of the country.

The Rev John Hudghton, Team Rector for Buxton, said: “I have lived in Yorkshire and served in the Royal Air Force before that, and I can honestly say Buxton is the nicest place I have ever lived.

“There is a low crime rate, low pollution, we are not far from the countryside but the town itself has great cultural events and the people are very engaging as well as being friendly with a good community spirit.

Buxton ads, Springs Shopping Centre

Buxton ads, Springs Shopping Centre

“There are so many people who stand up and do their bit, be that the Town Team or those campaigning for better healthcare. It is clear to me people from Buxton are not apathetic.”

High Peak MP Andrew Bingham was born and raised in Buxton.

He said: “Every time you go around a corner in Buxton you find a gem, be that parks or architecture.

“When I tell people I am MP for the High Peak they ask what towns that covers. I say Buxton and their response is ‘oh, where the water is from’.

The Devonshire Dome, home to the Buxton campus of the University of Derby

The Devonshire Dome, home to the Buxton campus of the University of Derby

“We are a town that is recognised everywhere because our water has put us on the map, but we are so much more than that.

“Buxton is on the brink of great times and with all the work on The Crescent we live in a town that keeps on giving more and more.”

Louise Cooper, Fairfield resident and digital editor for the Buxton Advertiser, loves the people who are the lifeblood of Buxton.

She said: “It’s a very friendly town where we look out for each other. I’ve been touched massively over my years working at the Advertiser by just how keen and willing we are help to each other out in our hour of need.

“Whether it’s fundraising for someone or something else, you can always rely on your fellow Buxtonians.”

Tony Tomlinson, vice chairman of Buxton Football Club, thinks it is the fans which keep grassroots football alive.

He said: “The fans are second to none and really salt of the earth people.

“They follow the club through thick and thin and we can’t thank them enough and we are proud of our supporters and hope we strive to make them proud.”

Roddie MacLean, Chairman of Buxton Town Team, said: “We tend to ask for forgiveness rather than permission – a tongue-in-cheek way of saying that we like to get things done rather than just talk about what ought to be done.

“This can-do attitude has seen our teams start work in restoring Ashwood Park by clearing paths, painting benches and opening up views; help High Peak Borough Council tidy up The Slopes and bring together the town’s recent ‘Silver Gilt’-winning entry in the East Midlands in Bloom competition, as well as the local Buxton in Bloom initiative.”

The team also tackles long-term issues such as a transport policy for Buxton with high-level talks on problems identified at its recent conference on the issue, and by helping create stand-alone organisations to take on specific problems.

“The last few years has seen the Friends of Buxton Station formed in this way, as well as the Community Interest Companies to run the Serpentine Community Farm and Buxton Markets CIC to run Buxton’s Saturday and Tuesday markets.”

Adrian Brown is chairman of Vision Buxton, a volunteer organisation which brings the town’s businesses together with the aim of increasing the community’s wellbeing and boosting the economy.

He said: “One of the major ways in which we try to achieve this is through promoting Buxton as England’s Leading Spa Town through our website, Visit Buxton – which has half a million hits a year – and by printing the very popular Buxton Town Guide. Eighty-seven thousand copies of this colourful and informative guide were printed this year, with one leading hotelier commenting that she refers to it as a source of information for visitors ten times a day on average.”

Vision Buxton has a marketing committee to co-ordinate its efforts on behalf of the local economy, but also has a social side, as many members and friends meet up after meetings to swap ideas and have a chat.

John Phillips, Community Liaison Officer at the University of Derby, said: “Our Buxton Campus is much more than just a major employer which contributes millions to the local economy – we’re also very much a part of the community.

“Our staff are very involved with Vision Buxton, Buxton Town Team, the Serpentine Community Farm and the Grapevine Wellbeing Centre, to name but a few.

“The recently-formed Buxton Dementia Action Alliance was inspired by a student’s research which it is hoped will change the way the tourist industry looks at customers living with the disease.”

Students are also involved in many charity fundraising events, and the University Community Fund is available for local groups.

To apply for help from the University Community Fund click here.