Farmers can shoot bothersome dogs, Derbyshire police warn

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Police are warning dog owners that farmers can shoot canines found attacking or worrying livestock in their land.

The alert comes after five sheep were injured by a dog in Belper.

PCSO Paula Bennett, of Derbyshire police, said: “I would urge dog owners to make sure their pets are on leads when they are out and about in the open countryside.

“Incidents like these are very distressing for farmers and their animals. Farmers are lawfully permitted to shoot dogs found attacking or worrying livestock in their land. Anyone identified as being the owner of a dog worrying livestock can also face prosecution.

“We’ve also been getting reports of incidents where sheep have been wandering into roads after getting out of their pens, so I am urging farm owners to ensure their fences are secure to limit the risk to their animals and also to motorists.”