Family left high and dry at pool

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A frustrated mum-of-two has called on Buxton pool to be more accommodating to families.

This comes after Jennifer Eyre tried to take her two daughters swimming at the town’s pool on St John’s Road but was turned away by staff.

The 33-year-old said: “How do you explain to a crying 25-month old who was so excited to go swimming that she can’t go but she hasn’t done anything wrong?”

This was the first time Jennifer was going swimming with both Annalise and her youngest Louisa, aged just seven months. She said: “As most parents know, its a mission just to get children ready to go swimming and get to the pool on time without the disappointed face when you are turned away.”

Jennifer says she was turned away because the 9.30am to 10.30 session on Monday, March 6 was full. She said: “There was no flexibility from staff, the pool was empty until midday but they refused to let us go in afterwards or even extend the session so everyone could have a swim.

“We’re suppose to be encouraging our children to keep fit but with a service like this, how can we?”

The family from Buxton did return later but this clashed with the children’s lunchtime so did not stay long.

Jennifer said: “If sessions are so popular then the pool needs to be providing more slots not turning people away. I was disappointed in how we were treated and hope policies change in the future.”

People for Places which runs the pool were asked to comment but did not respond.