Fairfield’s newest headteacher is top of the class

Jenny Allin new head teacher at Fairfield Infant and Nursery School
Jenny Allin new head teacher at Fairfield Infant and Nursery School

New headteacher Jenny Allin may have only started her role last week but she has an exciting vision for the school’s future.

The 47-year is now at the helm of Fairfield Infant and Nursery School and putting her 24 years of experience to use.

Jenny Allin new head teacher at Fairfield Infant and Nursery School

Jenny Allin new head teacher at Fairfield Infant and Nursery School

Born in Liverpool Jenny, who now lives in he Hope Valley, wants to make a difference to her pupils’ lives.

She said: “Being a teacher you have enormous power to set people up for the future and make a positive difference.”
After graduating from University of West England Jenny, who is now a mum to two teenagers, stayed in Bristol for ten years then with all her family still in the north west she moved to Cheshire and was a literacy leader.

She then stepped away from teaching for five years and worked in Staffordshire in a newly built education centre where she said learnt a lot of new skills.

In 2010 she moved to the High Peak and was the headteacher at Dove Holes Primary School for seven years.

Jenny said: “I was very happy there and worked with a wonderful team and I only said I would move if the right job not any job came up.

“Seeing the opportunity at Fairfield I knew I had to go for it as it ties in many different aspects of my career journey.”

Jenny started after the October half term holidays and is now in her second week at the school.

She said: “My vision is to unite the school and bring the community together not just the pupils and the teachers but the parents and the governors too.

“I want all my pupils to feel happy and confident coming to learn and I want my staff to feel supported coming to work.”

When Jenny is not in school she and her husband like caravanning and she used to own a narrow boat.

She said: “I love the sun and relaxing too and have a soft spot for Greece which is always our go to holiday destination.

“Now my children are growing up my eldest son who is 18 says he doesn’t want to come away with us next time so it will be all change next year for us a family.”

Jenny says she wants to be know to people in the school and would like to be a teaching headteacher rather than just sitting in an office.

She said: “The children need to know me and I need to get to know them, their strengths, weaknesses and personalities and teaching is a great way to do that and meet the parents and carers too.

“I want people to come and talk to me if they have any problems or concerns but also share their happy moments and successes in the classroom.”

Jenny has a love of music and likes to be involved with school choirs and singing lessons as she says it fosters a breadth of experiences

She also has three dogs, a 13-year-old rescue dog, a nine-year-old jack russell and a black labrador.

Jenny added: “Its a very busy life, but they keep me going and it’s nice to have the dogs as it means we get out and go for walks.”