Fairfield garden tidy project

A new project to tidy-up gardens in Fairfield has been launched.

The Fairfield Tidy Garden Project has been set-up by the Residents of Fairfield Association (ROFA) and Buxton Church in the Peak to help improve the look of the area by getting volunteers to help residents tidy-up overgrown and unsightly gardens.

Lia Roos, Chair of ROFA, said: “This project can make a real difference to how our neighbourhood looks. There are dozens of untidy gardens out there that have been neglected that have now become a daunting proposition to get looking tidy. This project poses a real opportunity for residents to get a helping hand getting their gardens back into a presentable condition once again.”

Residents who would like to apply for assistance through this project must complete and return an application form (which can be collected from ROFA or High Peak Community Housing’s office on Victoria Park Road, Fairfield. There is no strict eligibility criteria for the project but priority will be given to applicants who have a condition that makes it difficult for them to carry out the requested works themselves.