Explosive week for young scientists

STEM Day at New Mills School
STEM Day at New Mills School

New Mills School and Sixth Form celebrated National Science Week with a packed programme of events.

For National Demo Day running across the country, members of the science department held demo assemblies for students from year seven to 13 including explosive displays such as hydrogen balloons, whoosh bottles, the Van de Graaf generator and the magical turning water into wine experiment.

On Thursday, local STEM ambassadors visited the school to run careers based workshops for year ten students to give them an understanding of the wide diversity of careers in science and technology.

Students learned about careers such as architecture, environmental science, chemistry in the textiles industry, infection control and genetics with guests from all over the region including architect Valeria Carnevale, of the University of Derby, Chris Robinson, of Peak District National Park along with members of Moors for the Future and Dr Amy Gyte, of Health and Safety Laboratory, Buxton.

Year nine and ten students also joined Peak District National Park and Moors for the future teams on the moors above Snake Pass to participate in the Moorland Indicators of Climate Change Initiative (MICCI) project where students carried out research into the effects of climate change on the ecosystem of the peat moors.

All the data collected on the MICCI project are sent to Moors for the Future to help with their research.