EU referendum: High Peak MP Andrew Bingham has his say on Brexit

Andrew Bingham.
Andrew Bingham.

High Peak MP Andrew Bingham has called for locals to be “pragmatic” and “remain calm” after Britain voted to leave the EU.

Mr Bingham, who was in favour of leaving, has also said he is sorry that Prime Minister David Cameron has announced his intention to step down by October, following the result.

He said: “The High Peak, like the country, narrowly voted to leave and, as you will know, my own view was that Britain would be better out of the European Union, and I am still of that opinion.

“Events will move quickly over the next few hours and days and, given the surprise at this result, there will now be a period of uncertainty, but it is important that we are pragmatic and remain calm.

“I am sorry that the Prime Minister has decided that he will stand down before October, however he is clear that we need a period of stability that he will stay to oversee.

“There are those who felt I campaigned too much for leaving and there are those who feel I didn’t campaign hard enough. However, I was always clear from the start that I would not use my position to hector or cajole people into agreeing with my view, because it was and is my belief that the principle of a referendum is that it is for the people to decide, having come to their own decision, and then it is the duty of elected representatives to follow and implement that decision, which is what I will strive to do.”