Demand for change in Peak off-roading policy

AN organisation representing horse riders is demanding that the Peak District National Park Authority changes its policy on off roading.

Peak Horsepower (PHP) say off-road motor bikes and 4x4s cause environmental damage and are a danger to the public.

They claim that the problem is so widespread that horse riders are being forced off green lanes and byways all over the national park.

The PDNPA Performance and Resources Committee is reviewing the Authority’s off-roading policy at a meeting on Friday.

PHP spokeswoman Patricia Stubbs said: “The Peak Park Authority is allowing green lanes and byways all over the Peak District to be destroyed by off-roaders. The 4x4s and motor bikes create huge, deep ruts.

“As well as destroying the fabric of the Park, the ruts are a serious danger for anyone on horseback. The PDNPA says it is upholding the legal right of offroaders to drive about the countryside on green lanes.

“What they don’t seem to understand is that they are failing to protect the legal rights of horse riders.”