Council: Hedge could cause fatal accident

A hazardous hedgerow in Whaley Bridge is endangering lives according to town councillors, who have vowed to take urgent action.

Speaking on the thorny issue at a meeting last Thursday, they said the hedge, which lines the Brookfield Pond Nature Reserve, has become so overgrown that pedestrians can no longer walk on the pavement.

Councillors felt that the usual trimming of the row of shrubs would be insufficient this year and that severe pruning and the removal and replanting of certain sections were necessary.

Members agreed that residents walking along Reservoir Road were in imminent danger due to the obstruction as they could not see or been seen by oncoming traffic.

Cllr John Pritchard said: “Sooner or later we’ve got to bite the bullet because it’s in such an active area of Whaley Bridge. A pedestrian can step out onto the road but a wheelchair user cannot unfortunately. Vehicles speed round that bend; you don’t have much time.”

The council resolved to use reserve funding to pay for tree surgeons to carry out the work as it was estimated to cost more than £3,000 and they felt immediate action was required.