Vehicles banned from road

BUSES, minibuses and taxis taking children to Hope Valley College underwent safety spot checks recently.

Police officers were joined by representatives from VOSA to conduct the checks, which took place between Tuesday, March 20 and Friday, March 23.

Vehicles taking students to Hope Valley College, Hope, and three other schools in the county were all examined.

Of the 35 vehicles checked as part of the operation, 23 were found to be in good working order with no defects reported.

Of the remaining 12 vehicles, 18 defects were found. Six vehicles were banned from being used until the defects were repaired and tests carried out.

Roads Policing Inspector Adam Waterfall said: “It’s pleasing to see that 65 per cent of the vehicles checked were in good working order but firms need to make sure their vehicles are defect-free and roadworthy at all times.

“We will continue to work with our partners to carry out unannounced spot-checks so I would urge transport companies to take this opportunity to examine their vehicles before we do.”