School shoe rules get kicking off Buxton parents

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Buxton parents have hit out at strict school uniform policies that ban their children from wearing winter boots.

Lorraine Fraser, criticised two schools’ decisions to outlaw Dr Martens, claiming they were “hard-wearing” and “sensible” for cold, icy weather.

The part-time teacher said: “For some peculiar reason in the middle of term Buxton Community School and Buxton Junior School have banned students from wearing Dr Martens boots. I am not sure of the reason but I know that many parents are outraged after forking out £80 plus for these practical boots for the winter terms.”

She described the move as “unreasonable” as her granddaughter always looked “immaculate” sporting her shiny boots, adding: “This is surely blind prejudice. These head teachers need to wake up and smell the 21st century!”

Buxton Community School head teacher Deb Hill said her students were allowed to wear any footwear on their journey to school, as long as they changed in to “school-legal” shoes upon arrival.

She said: “I can understand this point of view, but unfortunately school uniform does attract many varied opinions! There are other parents who would prefer us to have a more formal uniform.

“We are just about to begin a review of our uniform and Mr Cottrill, a senior member of school staff, will be consulting with a number of staff, students and parents / carers to find out their views.

“These will then be passed to our governors who make the final decision on school uniform. We are very lucky in Buxton in that a very large majority of students and parents do support us as we work hard to implement our school uniform policy.”

The College Road secondary school’s uniform policy states pupils must wear plain, black shoes, and that trainers, Converse pumps and boots are prohibited.

While Cecilia Minter, head teacher of Buxton Junior School, said: “As part of our uniform policy, we ask parents to ensure their children sensible footwear in a dark colour. No particular brands are banned. We are currently reminding parents about our policy.”

The Mosley Road school’s latest newsletter, dated November 12, said: “We have noticed several accidents recently involving children wearing inappropriate footwear, including Dr Martens. These shoes are not appropriate for school.”

On Facebook, Helen Phillips, said: “I think this is ridiculous. They are smart, hard-wearing, flat boots with great grips for the type of weather were experiencing at the moment.”