MP gives young a motive to work

High Peak MP Andrew Bingham at Juniper Training.
High Peak MP Andrew Bingham at Juniper Training.
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High Peak MP Andrew Bingham saw first-hand how a training company is giving youngsters a second chance at a career.

The MP visited Juniper Training in Glossop last week, after being invited to give a talk to the young people learning there.

Juniper provides training for 16 to 18 year olds who are not in employment or education. They provide local young people with qualifications and work experience to help them succeed in future employment.

Mr Bingham had been invited by the Starts and Progression Officer Sarah Carter to give a talk to the learners, drawing on his knowledge and experience of running a small business.

“I was very happy to talk to the young people at Juniper Training about life as a member of parliament and the journey from a local comprehensive school in the High Peak to Westminster,” he said.

“As ever with young people they were really enthusiastic, with lots of questions and issues to raise, and we discussed a wide variety of subjects.

“It was fantastic to see young people actively trying to improve their prospects, and it’s great that Juniper Training are helping them to gain experience and qualifications.”

Ms Carter added:“Motivational speakers such as Mr Bingham provide the young people on the programme with invaluable information and knowledge. Andrew was really down to earth, the learners really enjoyed his visit and have all commented on how nice and approachable he was.

“Mr Bingham didn’t try to influence their decisions but gave them valuable information on how to cast their votes in future, and his visit left us with a very positive vibe in the centre.”

More information about Juniper Training can be found at