Edale mountain team rescued bank holiday casualties

Edale Mountain Rescue Team help a stranded climber at Dovedale Tor, Derwent Edge.
Edale Mountain Rescue Team help a stranded climber at Dovedale Tor, Derwent Edge.

Spring Bank Holiday proved to be a busy one for Edale Mountain Rescue Team.

Bank holidays provide the team with much needed income from street collections.

Team members along with volunteers from the support group Friends in High Places could be seen in Edale and Hathersage and also Bakewell on the Monday.

However, no sooner were they in place with collecting tins on Saturday morning, a call came in from colleagues at the Derby Team requesting assistance on a job just south of Chesterfield.

A casualty had been found on a footpath, unable to move.

Derby and Edale Teams responded along with Helimed 54.

Just as team members arrived, we were made aware of another incident in the woods near Linacre Reservoir involving a woman who had fallen and suffered a suspected broken leg.

Team members again were quickly on scene along with an EMAS Ambulance crew who had managed to gain access to the casualty.

After the woman had been given pain relief, she was splinted and placed on a stretcher and carried to the waiting ambulance.

Team members then returned to Edale and Hathersage to continue fundraising.

Later on that evening, the team were once called to a climber who had fallen at Dovestone Tor, Derwent Edge.

The man had been climbing on his own when he had fallen and raised the alarm for help.

Due to the remote location, suspected injuries and the time, an early decision was made to request the help of the new SAR-H Coastguard S-92 Helicopter.

When it arrived, team members had treated and packaged the casualty and he was then winched aboard the aircraft for transportation to hospital.

Monday saw the team back in action.

Whilst fundraising in Bakewell, they were asked to attend an elderly woman who had fallen and banged her head.

One of the team Paramedics treated the woman and liaised with his colleagues at East Midlands Ambulance Service to get her quickly off to hospital in an ambulance.

The second incident of Monday came just as team members were preparing to finish fundraising in Hathersage and were alerted to an incident just on the outskirts of the village.

A 15-year-old had been involved in a collision with a car.

He was treated by team members and given analgesic gas for the pain and kept warm.

The Team Leader who is also a Paramedic arrived along with an EMAS Ambulance, police and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

All resources worked together to treat his injuries and he was air-lifted to hospital.