Drunk Matlock woman tried to bite police officer in Buxton pub

COURT: Court CaseCOURT: Court Case
COURT: Court Case
A drunk woman repeatedly tried to bite a police officer as she was being forcibly removed from a pub, a court heard.

In the end it took three officers to carry Latiswa Theodora Mafanya, 35, out of the pub as she refused to walk and continued to struggle during the incident on November 14.

John Cooper, prosecuting, said abusive comments to staff and fellow customers and a refusal to leave despite repeated requests had led to police being called.

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Mafanya was described as being unsteady on her feet and shouting at fellow customers when they arrived.

Mr Cooper said the defendant, who was described as being drunk, was flailing her arms around and refusing to calm down.

He said PC Paul Dobson decided to handcuff the defendant but she then started to struggle and tried to bite the officer’s arm.

Mafanya lashed out again while PC Dobson tried to handcuff her and the pair fell backward towards a table, knocking drinks off. Mafanya was taken to the ground while the officer waited for assistance from colleagues.

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Mafanya, of Hilltops View, Matlock, was given an eight-week curfew and must pay £145 in costs and surcharge.

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She admitted being drunk and disorderly and assaulting PC Dobson at the Eagle Hotel in Buxton.

Andrew Oldroyd, defending, said the defendant wasn’t use to drink and had acted out of character.

The court was told Mafanya had moved to Matlock from London after being the victim of domestic violence and it had been very difficult for the family.