Dreaming of a real crime-free Christmas

DERBYSHIRE Police have launched a campaign to target crime over the festive period.

Officers from the High Peak’s Safer Neighbourhood policing teams are stepping up patrols to help prevent retail related crime and will also be offering personal safety advice.

Free purse chains will be offered to shoppers and officers will work alongside retailers to respond to any incidents quickly and target suspicious activity.

Police advise motorists to:

l Park in a well-lit area or in an attended car park.

l Don’t leave valuables in the glove compartment.

l Take bank cards, mobile phones and sat-nav systems with you;

l Always lock cars and close windows

l Don’t leave presents on view on the back seat. Lock them out of sight in the boot.

Shoppers should:

l Make sure that handbags, wallets and mobile phones are kept secure and, if possible, out of sight;

lNever leave handbags or coats unattended in shopping trolleys;

l Do not allow anyone to see your PIN number at cash points or when paying for goods.

To report any suspicious activity call the new police non-emergency number 101.