Don’t let weight ruin your life, says Esther

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A New Mills woman whose health was in danger due to being overweight is urging others to embrace the method she used to shed pounds and start a new light-weight life.

At the age of 52 Esther Arden was advised to loose weight and get active after having a stent implant in her main artery to lower the risk of a fatal heart attack.

But a series of unfortunate events such as being made redundant and having to place her mum into full-time care with advanced Alzheimer’s only plunged her deeper into a cycle of comfort eating.

She said: “My excuses were the same as most other people’s - every excuse in the book really. It was so easy to just order a takeaway or grab a ready-made meal.”

But after a much-needed holiday last year Esther decided enough was enough.

She added: “I looked at myself in the mirror and did not like what I saw.

“My husband said he loved me no matter what, but I didn’t love myself. It was then that I decided it was now or never to make some positive changes.”

It was at this point that fate stepped in as a leaflet from Slimming World dropped through her letterbox.

So she found the group online and attended her first session.

“I felt sick as I walked in,” said Esther, “thinking everyone would wonder how I had let myself get like this but I need not have feared.

“It was so friendly and I realised everyone was there for their own reasons.”

The group supported Esther in the weeks ahead with practical hints and tips to achieve her eventual two stone weight loss.

She has now taken over as a consultant at Spring Bank Arts Centre and wants others to join her there on Tuesdays between 5-7pm and 7-9pm.

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