Dogs are banned from graveyard

Dog walkers have been banned from Burbage Churchyard because a minority of inconsiderate pet owners have consistently left their pets’ mess on graves held sacred by local people.

The ban on walking dogs in the area will be enforced following complaints from distressed relatives as well as the Burbage gravedigger, said the Rural Dean of Buxton, the Rev John Hudghton.

“We are very sorry to have to re-inforce this ban,” he said. “A churchyard is not a dog’s toilet, it is a place where the remains of the dead which are sacred to relatives are put to rest.”

Many dog owners acted responsibly, but too many others allowed their animals off the lead to wander round the churchyard without checking to see if they had made a mess.

“We are asking people not to walk their dogs within the churchyard at all, apart from guide dogs,” said Mr Hudghton.