DJ’s delight at top station job – in USA

First Selectman Kevin Skulczyck giving the key to Jewett City, USA, to DJ Leighton Morris.
First Selectman Kevin Skulczyck giving the key to Jewett City, USA, to DJ Leighton Morris.

A former High Peak Radio presenter has been made programme director of his station – more than 3,000 miles away.

For every night when he gets home from his full-time job at the Co-op, Leighton Morris switches on his computer and begins broadcasting to people in Jewett City, Connecticut, on Wolverine Radio.

And his valued contribution has led to him being awarded the keys to Jewett City, by First Selectman Kevin Skulczyck.

Leighton said: “To be given the keys to the city is an immense honour. I was given it because they value my work and the contributions I have made to the city.”

The 40-year-old DJ, from Sutton in Nottinghamshire, continued: “I have always loved American radio. It is fresh and exciting and I feel so lucky to be working for the station.”

Leighton’s radio career began on hospital radio at Sutton’s King’s Mill Hospital, before working at BBC Radio Nottingham and spending nine years at High Peak Radio.

When the chance came for him to work on an afternoon show on American radio he jumped at it.

Leighton said: “For me this is the dream, so even if it means pre-recording the last bit of my show because on English time I am on the air from 7pm to midnight, which is a bit late when I have work in the morning, I make it work.”

Now, despite having been with Wolverine for less than a year and living the other side of the Atlantic, he has been made its programme director.

He said: “This is a great honour. I listen to the station through their app, so it doesn’t matter if I am not in the same room as the other presenters.

“I send emails and advise changes and come up with new ideas for features and although it has only been a couple of weeks it seems to be working.”

Leighton visited the station in September, where he met the team at the studio.

Mike Minarsky, Wolverine founder and owner, said: “I got acquainted with Leighton while working for another internet station in the States. I immediately thought his wit and charm would be a hit on our station.

“Leighton has built his afternoon drive time slot through social media interaction and show features that are relevant and smart.

“He has become the most popular DJ/presenter on Wolverine. Leighton was the obvious choice to become programme director here at Wolverine.

“He’s dedicated to our product. Leighton is invested in Wolverine Radio, and we are invested in him.”

To listen to Leighton’s show on Wolverine Radio, download the station’s app.