Derbyshire workers tell of plight as strike action looms

Council workers have told of their plight as they prepare to go on strike.


Members of the public service union Unison – which represents local Government workers including teaching assistants, social workers and street cleaners – will walkout on Thursday, July 10 because they are angry at a one per cent pay rise from the Government.

Members of Unison in Derbyshire will hold a rally in Chesterfield town centre from 11am on the day of the strike.

Jeanette Lloyd, Unison branch secretary for Derbyshire, said: “Our members provide essential services to Derbyshire. After all these years we deserve a decent pay rise.

“For many local Government and school support workers, pay is back to the level of the 1990s.

“After 25 years as an employee of Derbyshire County Council, comparatively my pay is worth far less now than when I started – not what anyone would expect working for a public employer.”

The strike will take place on the same day as teachers and members of the GMB and Unite unions walkout over pay and conditions.