Derbyshire woman to present show on Mexican artist Frida Kahlo

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Lessons at Bakewell’s Lady Manners School paved the way for violinist and vocalist Lizzie Ball to bring music to children in need across the world.

But Lizzie, who appears in Buxton International Festival on Monday with her show about the Mexican artist and fashion icon Frida Kahlo, said she was saddened by the cuts in music education which gave her a career in the industry working alongside greats including rock legends Jeff Beck and Beach Boy Brian Wilson.

“I benefitted so hugely from local wonderful education and the important guidance I received from the late Richard Barnes and from Lynne Clark, both enormously supportive music teachers at the school,” said Lizzie, whose show Viva La Vida con Frida: A musical journey through the life, times and art of Frida Kahlo can be seen for the last time in its present form at the Buxton event.

“It helped me get on the right track from an early age to begin the career that I have now enjoyed for more than 17 years as a full time musician. I cannot possibly explain the importance of music in schools and arts education-and it saddens me to hear that so much is being cut these days.

“I have given music workshops around the world alongside my concert performances, including as a proud Ambassador of PRISMA - a charity for children in need in Mexico. One thing that is very clear to us and is universal: good music making brings total joy to a child’s life and can positively impact social change and positivity.”

Salma Hayek received an Oscar nomination for the title role in the Hollywood biopic of Frida’s life, and at the Buxton performance, Lizzie is joined by renowned Mexican guitarist Morgan Szymanski, who set up PRISMA, to present a musical journey that explores the life, art and fashion of one of the 20th Century’s leading female portrait artists.

Following the performance at Buxton Festival, the show will take a dramatic development with a new version whose world premiere at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum has been chosen to close its world-famous exhibition about Frida, called Making Herself Up.

Re-titled Corrido: A Ballad for the Brave, the new show will feature a stunning new version with live animated film and video design, overseen by producer Emily Blacksell, and will explore deeper connections found not only with Mexican folk music, but also with composers such as Copland, Stravinsky as well as the Suffragette composer Ethel Smyth.

Viva La Vida con Frida: A musical journey through the life, times and art of Frida Kahlo: 3.30pm, Pavilion Arts Centre. To book, got to