Derbyshire’s most mysterious UFO sightings

Derbyshire has had its fair share of UFO sightings
Derbyshire has had its fair share of UFO sightings

Today is World UFO Day, the day when people gather together to gaze at the sky for unidentified flying objects.

Derbyshire has a long history of mysterious sightings, with UFOs spotted in places like the village of Bonsall and Ladybower Dam in the Peak District.

A government file, released by the National Archives in 2014, revealed details of a 1994 sighting. A member of the public reported a large orange light close to the Ladybower Dam.

Derbyshire Police Control’s record reads: “Incident occurred near the A47, Snake Road, north of Lady Bower Damm (sic). NAME BLANKED reported seeing a large orange light moving horizontally and dropping slowly until it went below a line of hills.

“A cloud of smoke was seen to billow out from the light and it then disappeared behind Kinder Scout. The light did not reappear.”

The police contacted Manchester Airport but they could not confirm any aircraft operating in the area - and the sighting remained unexplained.

The 1994 case is not an isolated incident, the Peak District has been described as a hotspot for UFO sightings for many years.

There have been reports of numerous sightings in the old village of Bonsall. The most famous encounter occurred in October 2000 when Sharon Rowlands filmed a large mysterious flying object above her house.

She said she heard a strange noise from outside of her house one evening, and used a camcorder to film the huge circular object.

“It resembled a giant disc with a bite taken out of the bottom,” she told reporters.

“As it hovered over the woods, it seemed to expand and then get smaller again.

“We could see it pulsing as if it started up and then it just went it came really close at one stage and I thought it was going to land in the field.

“You can hear me on the video say “Wow!”

The Derbyshire housewife reportedly sold the footage to a Hollywood producer for £20,000. Some UFO experts described the video as ‘one of the most important pieces of footage ever taken’ and the captured image was just one of the many sightings in the area.

Since 2000 there were 19 alleged UFOs spotted near Bonsall. A dog walker reported a ‘pink glow, vertically shaped like a shoe box’ and a woman witnessed a ‘ball of fire’ and ‘two big, bright lights’ on the sky.

On the night of 28 September, 2016, a number of people witnessed two flashing white lights in the Derbyshire sky. Fiona Jordan, of Houfton Road, Bolsover, said: “They were like little cloudy lights in the sky. They were dancing about.

“I had just let my dogs out before I went to bed. There was about four in total. There was one above my neighbour’s house and two or three over another neighbour’s house.

“We stood outside for about 20 minutes watching them. It was about 10pm.

“My son who lives in Carr Vale also saw them about two or three nights ago.”

Similar lights were reported above Manchester, Liverpool and other parts of the UK.

With a clear and dry night ahead, today’s World UFO Day could give a good opportunity for stargazers to observe the Derbyshire sky and its many mysteries.

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