Derbyshire police highlight the danger of knife crime to hundreds of students

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A Derbyshire police event aimed at educating youngsters about the often fatal consequences of carrying a knife reached over 550 students.

Around 350 were in the audience and a further 200 were watching via live stream, all at Derby College’s Broomfield Hall Campus in Ilkeston, as hard-hitting inputs were delivered by a number of guest-speakers – all of whom have been directly affected by knife crime.

The presentations included an ex-gang member who admitted regularly carrying knives for ‘self-protection’ in his past and a current emergency doctor explained just how quickly a blow from a knife can prove fatal.

There was also an account from the brother of a victim who was fatally wounded which was told via video-link.

Part of the event was delivered by a group of students who – having originally attended a similar event at Pride Park in September – have since set about helping spread the words at subsequent events, including this one at their own college campus.

“We’re knife-crime ambassadors. We help organise events and spread the message about the dangers,” said 17-year-old Andrew Brundish.

Lauren Cheetham, 18, added: “We’re trying to get the point across to young people that carrying knives is dangerous and there are so many consequences.

“It’s affecting people our age. It could be our friends and family or people close to them being killed. That’s what hits home with people.”

The event at Broomfield Hall was the sixth recent summit, which have been jointly organised by Derbyshire police, Safer South Derbyshire Partnership and Erewash Safer Community Partnership.