Derbyshire is country’s sixth top CO2 polluter

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Derbyshire has one of the highest rates of carbon dioxide per person, according to research.

With 8.6 tonnes of the toxic gas to each of its 1,036,600 inhabitants, the county came sixth on a list of top CO2 emissions compiled by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Vehicle finance provider Moneybarn released the statistic in light of new pollution taxes which are being implemented this month.

Simon Bayley, sales and marketing director of Moneybarn, commented: “The development of sustainable, energy efficient transport networks in the UK will be a huge step towards reducing emissions.”

Rutland came top of the list of air polluters, with 27.50 tonnes of CO2 per person. Northumberland came last with -7 tonnes per person - a figure which is put down to the fact that a large industrial power station was converted from generating electricity for its own use to exporting electricity to national grid users. The county also benefits from several large wind farms, both on and offshore.

Mr Bayley continued: “Although our analysis has shown that the spread of innovation remains mixed, there are signs in regions such as Greater London, Manchester and the West Midlands that effective strategies are being introduced and making a positive impact.”

The analysis also unveiled an imbalance across the UK. For example, North Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, both with populations over a million, produce over three times the emissions of larger counties such as West Midlands and Greater Manchester.

Surprisingly, Cornwall was the fourth highest emitting county, perhaps due to having fewer green transport initiatives in more built-up areas. Transportation contributes to 27 per cent of Cornwall’s total emissions.