Derbyshire fire service calls for better parking on streets after fire engines obstructed

Fire engine stuck on a street.
Fire engine stuck on a street.

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service have appealed for more responsible parking after two of their fire engines were obstructed in a residential area.

While attending an emergency incident, double-parked cars on a residential street prevented crews from Chesterfield and Staveley from accessing a road, delaying them from reaching the scene.

Now the fire service has appealed for better and more considerate parking, calling for residents to "think about emergency responders".

A fire service spokesman said: "Due to double park cars both Chesterfield and Staveley crews have been held up while dealing with an incident.

"Luckily this time there was no life at risk.

"Please think about emergency responders and the difference a few minutes can make when parking your vehicle."