Derbyshire drivers warned about dangerous new 'crash for cash' scam on Snake Pass

Derbyshire drivers are being warned about a reported 'cash for crash' scheme on the Snake Pass.

The Snake Pass
The Snake Pass

A motorist reported to Glossop Online on Monday morning that a dark green Vauxhall estate car had been spotted parking on a blind bend.

They said that the two occupants on board were 'repeatedly stopping on blind bends' in what they suspected was a cash for crash scam.

A 'crash for cash' scheme involves a staged 'accident' to make fraudulent and exaggerated insurance claims for vehicle damage, personal injury and other 'costs'.

Where one vehicle hits another from behind, it’s usually the driver of the car behind that’s deemed to be at fault.

So in 'crash for cash' scams the aim is to deliberately stage or induce an accident for which the other (following) driver can be blamed.

The AA have warned that cash for crash schemes costs 'honest policy holders' an average of £50 on every annual premium.

Experts have warned that gangs target vehicles that are the most likely to have insurance and drivers 'least likely to cause a scene'.

The AA have issued a number of tips to help drivers avoid becoming a victim of crash for cash.

- Look well ahead and try to anticipate possible hazards.

- Allow plenty of space to the car in front, especially at junctions and pedestrian crossings.

- Be wary of a vehicle in front driving erratically or slowing down for no apparent reason.

- If you suspect that the car in front’s brake lights may not be working keep well out of their way.

- Never assume that flashing headlights is a signal to proceed.

- Don’t assume, when waiting at a junction, that a vehicle coming from the right and signalling left will actually turn. Wait and make sure.

If you think you've been involved in a scam, report the incident to the Insurance Fraud Bureau Cheatline on 0800 422 0421 or on their website.