Derbyshire County Council back under Labour control

County election, Caitlin Bisknell celebrating her victory
County election, Caitlin Bisknell celebrating her victory

The Labour party has regained control of Derbyshire County Council from the Conservatives.

The authority had been under Labour control for 28 years prior to 2009, when the Tories took over. But Labour won 43 seats in yesterday’s election to take back control.

In the High Peak, Labour’s Caitlin Bisknell took the Buxton North and East ward from the Conservative party’s Pam Reddy. And in Buxton West, Tony Kemp (Conservative) was elected into the seat left vacant by Robin Baldry.

Chapel and the Hope Valley remains a Conservative seat with Jocelyn Street being elected into the seat previously held by Tracy Critchlow.

There are now only three Liberal Democrat seats on the county council, two of which are in the High Peak.

In New Mills, Beth Atkins retained her seat, while in Whaley Bridge, David Lomax (Liberal Democrat Focus Team) was elected into the seat previously held by Liberal Democrat Barrie Taylor.

The make-up of Derbyshire County Council is now: Labour, 43; Conservative, 18; Liberal Democrat, 3. Neither UKIP, the Green Party, or any other parties won any seats in Derbyshire.


Buxton North and East

Margaret Appleby (UKIP) - 495

Caitlin Bisknell (Labour) - 1,138 - ELECTED

Pam Reddy (Conservative) - 795

Graham Scott (Lib Dem) - 84

Turn-out 28.27 per cent

Buxton West

Matthew Bain (Green Party) - 219

Tony Kemp (Conservative) - 1,123 - ELECTED

Bob Morris (Independent) - 771

Fiona Sloman (Labour) - 952

Christopher Weaver (Lib Dem) - 90

Turn-out 32.5 per cent

Chapel and Hope Valley

Charlotte Nancy Farrell (Green Party) - 349

Ian Guiver (UKIP) - 586

Brian Hallsworth (Lib Dem) - 149

Tim Norton (Labour) - 897

Jocelyn Street (Conservative) - 1,441 - ELECTED

Turn-out 37.38 per cent

New Mills

Beth Atkins (Lib Dem) - 1,408 - ELECTED

Alan Barrow (Labour) - 1,205

Jeff Lawton (Conservative) - 865

Dee Sayce (Green Party) - 237

Turn-out 37.3 per cent

Whaley Bridge

James Bush (UKIP) - 424

Rodney Gilmour (Conservative) - 878

David Lomax (Lib Dem Focus Team) - 995 - ELECTED

Martin Thomas (Labour) - 846