Derbyshire could be experiencing 'exceptionally mild' weather this week

'Exceptionally mild' weather is expected
'Exceptionally mild' weather is expected

It might still technically be winter but it will feel more like spring or even summer in Derbyshire later this week, according to forecasters.

During the course of this week an area of high pressure will build over the UK bringing up warm air from southern Europe.

By Friday temperatures in Derbyshire are expected to reach at least 15C and it could possibly be even warmer.

In the Met Office’s weather for the week ahead forecaster Aidan McGivern said conditions at the end of the week would be ‘exceptionally mild’.

The blast of warm weather marks a stark contrast to this time last year.

Twelve months ago the country was bracing itself for the Beast from the East which brought heavy snow and bitterly cold temperatures to much of the UK.