Derbyshire children learn about how Muslims pray

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Derbyshire children have visited their partner school in Sheffield as part of studies into city and countryside cultures and differences.

Pupils from Hartington Church of England Primary School went to Lowfield Primary School to participate in activities including a visit to a Mosque and an inner-city farm.

This event came after Sheffield youngsters visited the Derbyshire Dales school back in July when they investigated life within a rural community, discovering more about village landmarks including St Giles Church, Charles Cotton Hotel and the Duck Pond.

Youngsters went to the Sheffield Islamic Centre Madina Masjid Trust where they were given a tour of the Mosque and learned more about how Muslim people pray.

Hartington pupil Jacob Blackwell, nine, said: “It was interesting to see the Mosque and stunning to learn more about what Muslim people do when they pray and how they worship Allah.”

During the afternoon, pupils visited an inner-city farm and Hartington youngsters chatted to their friends about how farming differs in their rural village compared to in Sheffield.