DERBYSHIRE: Avro Vulcan roars through county’s skies

The magnificent Avro Vulcan roared through Derbyshire’s skies this afternoon.

The world’s last-flying bomber tore across the county – wowing amazed onlookers on the ground.

It is understood the iconic aircraft was on its way back from RAF Cosford Air Show.

Readers took to the Derbyshire Times’ Facebook and Twitter pages to marvel at the extraordinary sight – and its roar.

Tim Cooper said: “What a sight!”

Richard Bettison commented: “It was very low and an awesome sight.”

Eric Lowe tweeted: “It came over our house at tree-top height. Dogs hid, birds flew out of trees, ground shuddered. Fantastic.”

Chris Mallory added: “Truly an example of when Britain was great.”

To see a video and pictures of the Avro Vulcan, simply click the ‘play’ button above.