Decision due on future of wards at Buxton’s Cavendish Hospital

Cavendish Hospital in Buxton
Cavendish Hospital in Buxton

The outcome of a controversial review of healthcare in the area - impacting on the future of wards at Buxton’s Cavendish Hospital - is to be announced later this month.

For more than a year, campaigners, staff, patients and carers have awaited a final decision on proposals put forward in the Better Care Closer To Home review.

These could see the closure of all 10 beds on Cavendish’s Spencer Ward, the specialist elderly mental health ward, while the Fenton community ward would operate with only eight beds. Kath Sizeland, who has been fighting against the plans, said: “For over a year people have been living under a cloud not knowing if they will have care and support for their loved ones, and staff not knowing if they will have a job.

“If wards are shut the problem doesn’t go away, it just makes it more difficult for people who would be moved to a strange place, and their loved ones who want to visit. I really hope the right decision will be made.”

The governing bodies of NHS Hardwick and NHS North Derbyshire clinical commissioning groups (CCG) will meet in public on Monday July 24, 7pm, at County Hall in Matlock, to discuss the feedback received during its consultation and to make its decisions on the proposals that were put forward.

Dr Steve Lloyd, clinical chairman of NHS Hardwick CCG, said: “The proposals put forward for consultation were the result of years of research and discussion with the public and colleagues in local health and social care services and the voluntary sector.”

In total 2,260 questionnaires and circa 100 letters and emails were received. On completion of the consultation all the responses were analysed by Dr Steven Wilkinson, an independent academic from the University of East Anglia.

Dr Ben Milton, clinical chairman of NHS North Derbyshire CCG, added: “Every single piece of feedback has been reviewed and analysed ahead of the meeting. This analysis will be the foundation for the decision-making process.”