Dawn sees red over phone box

A CHAPEL-EN-LE-FRITH resident claims her attempts to revive a red telephone box on her street – described as an iconic British symbol – have fallen on deaf ears.

Dawn Proudlock has called on BT to act over the deteriorating state of the phone kiosk on Spencer Road, which needs repainting and repairing.

“It is a special year, with the Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee, and red phone boxes such as this are an iconic British symbol, so it is shame that they are being left to rot,” Dawn said.

“The last time I telephoned BT, they asked me to send them photographs of the box before they would do anything. I think they have some cheek asking me to do that.”

A BT spokesperson said: “We’ve painted a large number of phone boxes in or near key Olympic sites this year and we’ve begun to paint the rest of our scheduled boxes around the country.

“We don’t yet have a specific date for the painting of this payphone. It’s likely to be in September.”